Happy Retirement to Manny Felix

Our best wishes go out to Manny Felix, who retired from Musso and Frank in June, 2011 after 37 years of service.

As a waiter and captain, Manny was a fixture in the Old Room for many years and will be missed by his many regular customers. Over time, Manny entertained his customers with stories and  magic tricks at the grill counter. Generations of  fans will miss his presence.

Best wishes, Manny!

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  1. mussosfanatic Says:

    The legend is gone…but never forgotten. You’ll be missed, Manny.

  2. Robert J. Taylor Says:

    It was my great pleasure to visit Los Angeles this past April–something I had not done in over 40 years!–and at the top of my list of Things To Do was eating at Musso and Frank’s, which I did on my second day in the city. My happiness was increased a hundredfold when the great Manny stopped by my table and had a little conversation with me! I feel lucky indeed to have had the honor of chatting with Manny–and I wish him a very VERY happy retirement. Great happiness to you, Manny, for giving all of us customers so much joy!

  3. Bob Feinman Says:

    Manny was the spirit of Musso & Franks. On my frequent business trips to LA from Tucson I’d eat at Musso’s every single night while in town where Manny & Nacho always made me feel like I was at home with family instead of lonley, on a business trip. If all that Manny did can be set as a standard for all of those that still work there, Musso & Franks will continue to be the wonderful, special place it has always been.

  4. Bo Says:

    Manny…. You will be missed big time.!


  5. Bob Birchard Says:

    What a sad time–for me. I’ve been waited on by Manny for all of those 37 years. But I have only the best wishes for Manny as he kicks back and lets others wait on him for a change. Good luck and best wishes, my friend!

  6. Robert Lombard Says:

    The place will NEVER be the same. Every Birthday for my daughter who just turned 13 this past June was spent there… HER favorite. Thank GOD we were able to squeeze one more in just prior to Manny’s departure. YOU WILL BE MISSED MY FRIEND. But we will NOT STOP coming from time to time.

  7. susan hanley Says:

    Dear Manny I met you 35 years ago when I worked at the Vogue Theatre. You treated a young cashier with such kindness and respect. Thank You.

  8. Jay Broad Says:

    Manny …

    Many times in the past year or two, I’d say to you, “You know my greatest fear?” And you’d answer,” That you’ll come in sometime and I won’t be here any longer.” And we’d both laugh! Well, I came in to Musso’s a week and a half ago, didn’t see you behind the counter and asked where you were? And was told you’d retired.

    For years, my wife Hilary and I would come in almost every week, sit at your counter, I’d have the vegtable plate, a martini and she’d have something more creative. She passed away nine years ago, but I still came in every now and then, set her picture on your counter, and order.

    It brought back happiness.

    But now you’re gone, Manny, and both our hearts are broken.


  9. Jay Broad Says:

    Manny …

    For years, my wife Hilary and I would come in almost every week, sit at your counter, I’d have the vegtable plate, a martini and she’d have something more creative. She passed away nine years ago, but I still came in every now and then, set her picture on your counter, and order.

    It brought back happiness.

    But now you’re gone, Manny, and both our hearts are broken.


  10. Caroline Thompson Says:

    Dearest Manny,

    It’s me, Precious. Steve and I almost cried tonight when we went to the counter and you weren’t there. Hope you are having a blast, our dear friend. We gave our phone number to Alex; please call. Steve is teeing off this Friday at Altadena at 8:30 — he’ll be looking for you.

    Big, big kisses…

  11. Jay and Nancy Says:

    After coming to Musso for 39 years you are going to be missed. Whether I came with Howard Roberts or Nancy it was always our number 1 goal to see you. Let us know how we can contact you and enjoy your retirement. I have warned all the ladies in the area that you are now free or at least reasonable.
    Jay and Nancy

  12. Toni Casala Says:

    Noooo! I’m stunned. I didn’t think people like Manny knew what retirement was. Manny, for so many years you made Musso and Frank’s my favorite treat. The magic, the kisses, the way you hummed while you worked. You did it all just right. It just won’t be the same without you. I’m glad I got to experience a true, great Hollywood legend and wish you well in your retirement.

    Toni Casala
    Children In Film

  13. William Bergmann Says:

    Manny will be missed for sure, but there are more long timers to visit with.
    Love that photo on the right from 1945. That could be my grandmother’s 1941 Studebaker in front. We either went to Musso and Frank’s or to Little Joe’s downtown for special dinners, and she always parked in front.

  14. Dave Newell Says:

    Manny — The place won’t be the same with out you there with your great big smile and great service—-Have a good time—-You deserve an Oscar for your outstanding performance year after year–Your the Greatest!!!

  15. Penny Perry Says:

    You will be missed by my entire family. Your magic has entertained my kids when they were little and now almost graduating college they still loved coming to see you and your magic.

    You are the greatest and Musso’s won’t be the same without you.

  16. Caroline Thompson Says:

    Happy birthday, Manny. Caroline and Steve xox

  17. Coral & Peter McLean Says:

    Happy Retirement Manny Felix! We had a wonderful experience in your restautant and have told many many people about the wonderful food, atmosphere and your magic tricks! We live in New Zealand and there are no places like Musso & Franks here..but if ever they open a restaurant here we hope you will make the trip over and let us look after you like you did for us.We hope to see you again! All the best! xxxxxx

  18. David Kearse Says:

    Manny, I always told people you were legendary, and you are! I’m a “baby,” with only 22 years of remembrances of your style, your good humor — your wisdom. One day at a time, I will miss you — we all wil. Enjoy your well-earned time off!

  19. Diane Gregg Says:

    Manny, all the best! Enjoy!

  20. Bill Carpenter Says:

    Dear Manny, enjoy a very well deserved retirement. You served me since 1981 and we spent many a memorable evening together. You helped me spark my hobby of magic and I will be forever grateful. I will return for a good meal…but it will not be the same. My regards to “Nacho.” As an additional thought, you deserve a star on the “walk of fame.” I know it costs in the range of $4,000; I would be willing to contribute to a fund. Let me know what I can do to help. Thank you.

  21. Stewart Skelton Says:

    Nooo! I expected Manny to be there forever. He was one of our favorite things about Musso’s. Always impeccable service delivered with joy.

  22. Jessica Says:

    Oh Manny, I was wondering why you were not at the counter the last time we visited, I had my fingers crossed that it was only your night off! You deserve a lovely retirement but know that you will be missed. Musso’s will not be the same without the welcome kiss to the hand which always made me swoon a little! And I am sad to think I will never enjoy, no-LOVE, your roquefort salad dressing or your great advice on what I should order. Also- how can I ever again enjoy ordering the delicious stewed tomatoes without you saying ‘an order of drunken broads’? I’ll miss you!

  23. Kevin Von Feldt Says:

    I’ve been sitting in Manny’s section at the counter since 1978. Even after I moved back to Wisconsin in ‘95, I would always make a point of stopping in when in LA. So many friends fell in love with Manny and his magic that I lost count….and he always sang the Wisconsin rouser when I came in…even if the last visit was two years back. Manny, Pink’s Hot Dogs and Disneyland were must-see attractions when I brought friends to LA. A very sad day!!!

  24. K Marquez Says:

    My mom used to take me to Musso’s when I was a little girl in the 70’s and 80’s and then as a young adult. I remember Manny’s magic tricks and kindness fondly. I was usually the only kid in the place and he always went out of his way to make dinner an event for me. He made the place for us. Love you and will miss you Manny, and I hope you enjoy every minute of your retirement!

  25. David and Sherry Says:

    Manny, we miss you still–it’s not the same without you, but we hope you’re enjoying yourself!

  26. Ilia Says:

    Was difficult to leave Raul’s side of the counter but when he passed away we had no choice. Who knew that Manny would become our new favorite waiter, entertain our kids, and make us his special potato? Hope there is someone who can fill their shoes…

    I will miss you Manny!!

  27. amanda Says:

    for the past 6 birthdays, i would come and sit at the counter. he always knew my order and always made sure my baked potato was cut up with plenty of butter. manny would take my hand and softly sing “happy birthday” to me. my birthdays will never be the same.

    i dont think i will ever find another waiter who so gently touched my heart. he was always so welcoming, warm and loving. he was always up for a magic trick or two…maybe three. he became a fixture in my life and i will miss him dearly.

  28. James T. Surtees Says:

    Best wishes to Manny who has served 4 of the 5 generations of our family that have been customers of Musso’s. My son and now his children have enjoyed Manny’s magic, especially Jesse our 17 year old who brags to everyone about Being a friend of Manny’s. Enjoy the rest of your days knowing how much joy you’ve brought to so many. Jim Surtees & Family.

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