Happy 50 Year Anniversary, Ruben!

In September, 2017, legendary Hollywood bartender, Ruben Rueda, celebrated his 50th year at Musso and Frank. Ruben has served the famous, the infamous and the rest of us over the decades. Some of his regular customers over the years include, Bing Crosby, Phil Harris, Alice Faye, Mickey Cohen, Steve McQueen, Raymond Burr, Gore Vidal, Charles Bukowski, Kitten Natividad, Quentin Tarantino, Keith Richards and countless others.

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  1. Keanya Fogelson Says:

    Finally after all these years was able to visit this past Thursday evening. Mickey Cohen was my great Uncle and I heard many great stories of him and some not so great LOL over the years. I do know he loved his time at Musso & Franks along with my grandfather his sidekick Jackie Fogelson (aka Jackie Richards). Felt like I was back during the era when he was there. Looking forward to our next visit in the near future. Thanks to Rafi, Sonny & Sergio for a wonderful evening.

  2. Cheryl Monteiro Says:

    Just a quick question…Sometime in the 1970s or 80’s wasn’t there a Shakey’s or Magoo’s pizza parlor next door that burnt to the ground and nearly compromised Musso and Frank?

    I grew up eating at both places. I’m 66 years old today and now live in Oregon but cannot remember the details about that fire. Does anyone remember this fire which M & F gratefully escaped? Thanks so very much! Cheryl Monteiro

  3. admin Says:

    Yes, M’Goo’s down the street, on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Cherokee Avenue, was destroyed by fire. It was replaced with a building that now houses tourist trinkets.

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