Happy 100th Birthday, Musso and Frank Grill

Times flies! The oldest restaurant in Hollywood, a long time staple of Hollywood Boulevard and home to writers, actors, locals and tourists, turns one hundred years old in 2019. Business is booming and a new generation has discovered the legendary eatery. Some changes are in the works, but the quality and ambiance remain. Please make plans to stop by the bar for a world class martiniĀ and dinner in theĀ Old Room or the New Room.

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  1. James T Surtees Says:

    Happy Birthday, Musso and Frank! 100 years!! My family has been going there since my grandfather first walked through the door shortly after they opened in 1919. Five generations of Surtees’ have called the place home and celebrated many a family milestone there. My grandfather, my dad, myself, my son and now my oldest grandson call all call ourselves regulars.
    Remembering back to my childhood we’ve had wonderful relationships with so many of the Musso family: Jesse Sanchez, Mrs. Carrissimi, Jean Rue, Gregory, Gus, Wilbert, Jack, Eppie, Manny F, Reuben, Alfred, Nick, Domingo, Juan, Sergio, Manny, Craig, Alex and eo many others who made us feel at home, lightened our load and created so many special moments for us. Thank you all, for you are Musso and Frank.

  2. Saratoga Ballantine Says:

    Dear Musso and Frank,
    My family has been coming to your restaurant since we moved to LA! My Father was a magician who got a TV series called “McHales Navy”, and I believe it was Ernest Borgnine who brought us here for our first meal! Since my folks have passed on, I’ve been coming steadily, and was surprised to learn not only will you be 100 years old on September 27th, but my Father’s birthday was also Septemeber 27th, and he was born in 1919! All I know is you are still my favorite place, and hope to be a part of your centennial celebration somehow!
    Long may you reign!
    Forever yours,
    Saratoga Ballantine

  3. JoAnn Semon Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL AT MUSSO AND FRANK’S FAMILY! 77 years of age and working to make it to 100! You and my Grandson have a shared birthday. He turns 21 tomorrow!
    Love and Blessings to All!

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