Chapter 3 ~ The Mayor

“Mayor” is an honorary title, bestowed on one patron by fellow patrons, who recognize that this is the ambassador who best represents them to the management and customers.

Jimmy “Doc” Pappas, also known as the “Swashbuckler,” is the current Mayor of Musso’s. Jimmy is a regular in the dining room and at the bar and is well known by staff and customer alike. Always a genial host to new and old friends, Jimmy took over the reins when Nelson Hower, the previous mayor, moved on to Palm Springs and Venice Beach. The Doc, who has a long legacy in Hollywood, is the son an Ambassador Hotel lifeguard in the glory days. He resides at a historic address in Hollywood and drives a classic Cadillac.

2 Responses to “Chapter 3 ~ The Mayor”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Met Jimmy friday nite with some friends, great guy.
    As many years as i have been going there, im surprised its the first time ive
    met him. See ya there again soon!

  2. Catherine Says:

    Hi met the mayor last week, I think it was Thursday. What wonderful and gregarious guy he was quite the raconteur, just a charming rogue. I moved out here from Chicago a few years ago and he had immense knowledge on Hollywood and Los Angeles. What a great time I had I hope to return soon. What a great website. Thank you.

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